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Graphic Design

Graphic designers design and produce visual material for various business activities. These may include external and vehicle signage, billboards to advanced printing, fabrication and illumination techniques. People working in graphic design may be responsible for creating graphic design elements using design software, as well producing and mounting signs and applying vinyl stickers. Graphic designers must strong research, design and technical skills and good interactive people skills to understand what each client wants.

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Meet our Graphic Design Skill Manager: Sherein Abdel-Al

Employer: Yoobee Colleges

Involvement in the skill/industry: Sherein became a qualified Graphic Designer in her 20’s. She worked as a designer for a number of companies over the years ranging from software development, e-learning, and in-house design roles. She found a passion for teaching and has been teaching Design and UX for a while now with a bit of freelance on the side still. She is currently on a board of studies within her teaching role.

Why volunteer with WorldSkills New Zealand: I found it was another way/outlet for me to really help young people grow in the Graphic Design field, far beyond a classroom. Once you see Worldskills in action you understand further how special and unique it really is in vocational development for youth and communities.

Advice to competitors: Breathe and get your plan down asap with room for margins. Try and enjoy the experience also.

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