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WorldSkills NZ and WelTec celebrate the hard work of good people

WelTec celebrate the significant contribution of long-serving staff volunteers.

With a combined service of well over a century, WelTec staff volunteers champion the goals and activities of WorldSkills by being mentors, coaches, managers and experts enabling WorldSkills to flourish.

Malcolm Harris, WorldSkills Chief Executive, believes celebrating and acknowledging success is key to growing participation in the trades and technical areas, “Part of this is to recognise volunteers and the hard work of good people.”

“Wellington as a region is well served by a long-standing bunch of volunteers and we thank them for the time they have generously given.”

“WelTec has worked closely with WorldSkills for many years and our objectives are closely aligned,” says Chris Gosling, Chief Executive WelTec and Whitireia.

“Raising the profile and attitudes to the trades area, and the broad range of skills associated with this, and recognising the really exceptional strengths and success of students in this area encourages other students to enter study,” he says.

“Through our volunteers, WelTec supports WorldSkills New Zealand to provide young people with a model of excellence in for trades training and setting goals for young people to aspire to in their personal development, “Harris adds.

WorldSkills New Zealand recognises the following WelTec staff volunteers for their long-standing service:

(L-R) WelTec Associate Head of Engineering Malcolm Fair receives WorldSkills Chief Executive Malcolm Harris’s congratulations

Greg Sinden – Masonry & Landscaping – involved since 2002. Started as Regional Judge, became Regional Coordinator and Judge; progressed to NZ Skill Expert, National Coordinator and Judge and World Skills International Judge.

Malcolm Fair – Engineering Technology – involved since 1990 as Regional Judge and in 2004 became Regional Coordinator and Judge; National Judge 2006 and 2008.

Dean Riches – Automotive Technologies – started in 2000 as Regional Judge, became regional Coordinator and Judge and National Coordinator and Judge 2006 and 2008. Has trained several National competition winners and International Competition Medal Winners.

Terry Smart – Automotive Technologies – started in 1998 as Regional Judge, became Regional Coordinator & Judge. National Coordinator and Judge 2006 and 2008. Trained National Competition winners.

Carl Donaldson – Automotive Technologies – started in 2008, regional and national Judge.  Since 2012 a Regional Co-ordinator and Chief Judge.

Alan Price – Initially Electric Arc Welding and then Light Fabrication (Sheetmetal) – started 1992 active regional committee member from 1992 – 96; 2003 – 08 and 2011. Regional Coordinator and Judge in Light Fabrication; National Coordinator and Judge 2006 and 2008.

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