Success Story

Sam Heaven – Deliciousness from Heaven

15 Feb 2019

The future looks sweet for top Hawke’s Bay chef Sam Heaven who’s now moved to Auckland to further his skill.

The culinary and visual arts student has both the pedigree and the experience to achieve his goal of one day running his own patisserie or restaurant.

Heaven, an ex-student at St John’s college, is currently an apprentice chef at SkyCity in Auckland

A culinary future is a natural choice for the passionate foodie who this year won the WorldSkills Cooking Challenge which was held as part of the NZ Chefs Hospitality Championships.

Pastry is in Heaven’s blood – his grandfather Graham established Heaven’s Bakery in 1974 and the brand, which now includes four Hawke’s Bay cafes and bakeries, is now overseen by his father, Jason.

“That’s where I got my passion for patisserie. I’ve been working alongside my dad for as long as I can remember. I’ve got photos of me at the age of two as a baker,” Heaven said.

“Visual arts transfers into food. I always think of my plate as my canvas – I have to work within the boundary of a plate, and try to see how I can manipulate the food into being art.”

Sam feels that representing New Zealand at WorldSkills in Russia will be very challenging and inspiring.

So please help Sam get to Kazan in Russia and show the world what New Zealand chefs can be world class.